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Paws and Head by DefiantFox

Name of Artist: DefiantFox (The DTWA)

Website: www.thedtwa.com

Character / species Commissioned (Link to photo / concept art): Stripped hyena http://imageshack.us/f/98/vibadge.png/

Links to Pictures of Commissioned Item: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6141322/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6162968

Is the item new or old: Brand-new. c:

--Grade each below aspect on a scale pf 1 (worst) to 5 (best)--

Visual Aspect (Does it match the concept art? Is it consistent with other items the maker has produced? Is it visually pleasing overall?):

5 - I really love the work Janko put into my head! Its defiantly consistent with her other work as well as the paws. The suit looks like the references I had given her. She even sent me some WIP photos of the taping with the markings drawn on it, checking to make sure it was what I wanted before she went ahead and did the furring because of some slight differences in the references.

Service Aspect (Deadlines. Communication. Little Extras.):

5 - The deadline set was July/August. I got my suit finished and shipped out mid-July. :D Communication with her was great. I got replies back from her in a quick and timely fashion. Janko would sent WIPs photos with each step it took to make my head/paws and made sure I was pleased with what I saw.

I had the pleasure of meeting her at Califur before she started on my stuff. I saw one of her other suits with acrylic eyes and thought she did a great job on it. After talking to her, I asked if she could add acrylic eyes to mine as well, she said yes and gave me her phone number so I could get a hold of her towards the end of the con to give her the cash.

While making my suit head, she changed the foam work up to make it smaller to make it more proportional on me, as I'm pretty tiny. I really appreciated that she took that into consideration, I wouldn't have thought about it myself

When she was finished with my suit, I wasn't too fond of the nose. Janko gladly switched it out for another style of nose she has done before that I preferred, free of charge. (:

Workmanship Aspect (Is the sewing neat? Are things that should be sewn glued or vice versa? Does it fit? Has anything fallen off yet that shouldn't have?)

5 - The sewing is incredibly well done, I haven't seen any glue hanging off and what not. The markings on my head are clean and crisp. The head paws fit perfectly and both are comfortable to wear. I can't think of anything wrong with my suit.

Describe Your Experience. Pros. Cons. Comments:

I really loved working with Janko. I have nothing but good words regarding her and her work. (: She has gone above and beyond what I expected regarding services and the final product. I more than thrilled with the product I have received. I would recommend commissioning her any day.

Final Grade (out of 5):