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Name of Artist: Stitch Star Fursuits

Character/species commissioned (link to photo/concept art): I commissioned a partial of my primary character "Luna":  with "Follow Me" eyes, a semi-movable jaw, hand paws with arms included up to the shoulder, and a tail. No feetpaws.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Is the item old or new (if old, how long have you had it/when was it made?) This partial was made brand new.

--Grade each below aspect on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best)--

Visual Aspect (does it match the concept art? Is it consistent with other
items the maker has produced? Is it visually pleasing overall?): 5/5
The fur on the partial is a little more "orange" than I had anticipated, but if that's anyone's fault it's mine, as the maker showed me pictures of the fur she was going to use before she ordered it for approval, and I did. I do admit, the character's shade of brown is probably not common, so it's probably as close as I was going to get.  The follow-me eyes are very well-made, and everything else matches perfectly to the character, right down to the notch in her ear. I was very surprised and pleased that she included that.

Service Aspect (Deadlines. Communication. Little extras.):  5/5
The absolute deadline for this fursuit was going to be for Furfright (October 26th), I knew it probably would not take nearly that long, but I set it for that anyways, just in case. The suit was commissioned in late April, and was finished by early June. They were very communicative and polite with me, asking for approval on all furs they were going to use, and any notes I sent with questions or inquiries about the suit (payments, etc...) were answered within a day or so. I didn't expect immediate response, as the account was a secondary fursuit-making account. But I was very pleased that they kept me updated. They also had the status of my suit updated every other day in the Commission queue in their journal. I did not ask for WIP pictures, but it was an option.
Workmanship Aspect (Is the sewing neat? Are things
that should be sewn glued or vise versa? Does it fit? Has anything
fallen off yet that shouldn’t have): 4.5/5
'When I first opened the box, one of her canines had fallen off. I immediately took it out and repaired it with super glue, and checked the other teeth. The rest were fine. I can only assume it fell off from being knocked about in the mail. The head fits perfectly fine, but the wrist part on the hand paws is a little narrow, it fits perfectly around my wrist, but it's difficult to fit my hand through that part. They fit just fine, it just takes a little effort to put them on. But at least the snug fit means they will not slide off. So it is not a big problem or anything.

As someone who admires and has done a lot of research on fursuits, I did do a thorough inspection on the rest of her. Everything else seems secure and nicely made. The stitching is neat and secure, anything that is glued is glued neatly without any showing (there were some loose bits of dry hot glue around her eyes, but it easily came off and was brushed away no problem), No foam is showing anywhere, and nothing seems loose or about to fall apart. Aside from the tooth incident, it is well made.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
Overall I enjoy the style of this fursuit maker, and it is truly a shame that they don't get more business than they do. Their work is adorable and very good, and I would love to see more fursuits by this person. I will definitely be going back to them if ever I want another fursuit.
Final Grade (out of 5): 4.5/5
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